Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~~ Hey Miss Polka Dot ~~

Status : D1 sold out, D2 available (4mtrs) , D3 open for restock

Price : D2 & D3 ~ 1mtrs =RM46, 4mtrs RM175 (Include postage)

Status : D4 available (2mtrs) can be restock,

D5 Sold to CG (3.5mtrs, 60") ,can be restock,
(depend on stock availability).

D6 available (3,5mtrs,60")

Price : D4 ~ 4mtrs RM175 (Include postage)
D5& D6 ~3.5mtrs=RM110 (Include postage)

D4 : brown with blue dot
D5 : Peach ke orange2an with white dot
D6 : Soft purple with white dot.

Just want share my favorite design skng nih...
Recently, I like polka dot design..
All the fabric is japanese cotton.
D2, D3, D4 is cotton polysonic.
kain sgt lembut, that why more expensive
compare other cotton.
(Saye da buat baju and da pakai lagi .=) heheh.. )
Cotton polysonic : 1mtr =46
Cotton (pink) : 1mtr = 30

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