Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Japanese Cotton

Fabric Close Up

Code : JAP6
Price : RM85
Status : Sold to Aishah !!!

Fabric Close Up

Code : JAP1
Price : RM85
Status : Sold to Kak Liza !!!

Fabric Close Up

Code : JAP2
Price : RM85
Status : 1 pcs Sold to Aishah !!
1 pcs Sold to Yanti !!
1 pcs Sold to kak Siti !!

Fabric Close Up
Code : JAP3
Price : RM85
Status : Sold to Mifa !!

Fabric Close Up
Code : JAP4
Price : RM85
Status : Sold to Waheeda !!!

Fabric Close up
Code : JAP5
Price : RM85
Status : Sold to Kak Syidah !!

** All the japanese cotton comes in 4mtrs. The texture of the fabric is soft and comfortable.
** For those who are interested with sold out item (JAP series), you guys are most welcome to re-order. But its depends on the stock availability.


  1. saya berminat nak beli japanase cotton (JAP2).
    camne ye?

  2. Thanks for the interest.
    Please check your email.

  3. ok, nak komen sket, kain itu sangat lembut dan juga cantik, ita punya taste mmg kelasss!!

    yang benar,
    kak syahida

    (ok tak komen akak?)

  4. ohh...mcm terpakse la plak kak syidah nih..huhuh...ape2 pun tenkiu kak syidah...

  5. ita,

    mane ade terpaksa, akak ikhlas nie,
    sebenar2nya the real materials do looks nicer than shown in the picture..

    nak beli lagi la ada stok tak?

  6. kak syidah, saye da check stock kain tuh la...tapi mmg xde da..


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