Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Swiss cotton untuk MAY COLLECTION nih,
a little bit different from previous swiss cotton.

For this Collection, cotton swiss nih tiada shining2(jacquard).
As we know, swiss cotton susah nak berkedut dan
sangat senang nak iron !!
Design pun lain dari yang lain !!

Collection kali ini more to pastel colur..
Colour2 lembut-lembut dan sweet gitu..
Colour purplish yang memang nampak sweet..
(sangat suke dengan CW07 tuh)
Ada gak colour soft yellow, turquoise, orange, green.

Lowest price and free postage charges.

Code : CW07
Status : Sold to Ilah
Sold to CG

Code :CW08
Status : Sold Out

Code : CW09
Status : Sold to Ida

Code :CW10
Status: Sold to Ila

Code : CW11
Status : Sold Out

Code : CW12
Status : Sold Out

Code : CW13
Status : Sold Out

Code : CW14
Status : Sold to Nur
Sold to Ilah

Code : CW15
Status : Sold to Jamie

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